Favourite Cow

Favourite Cow

The Favourite Cow contest aims to showcase exceptional cows owned by Quebec breeders.

Among the candidates nominated by the Holstein clubs, the selection of the finalists is based on the animal’s pedigree, its production along with its progeny. The breeders’ choice completes the selection of the winner whose name is unveiled at the Master Breeder Banquet as part of the Holstein Québec Convention.

Each of the 26 Holstein clubs in Quebec is invited to submit a nomination to the Favourite Cow title until April 1st of the current year.

Portneuf - Jacobs Goldwyn Britany EX-96 2E 6*

Making her way to the highest mountain tops!

  • Britany is known worldwide
  • She combines production, conformation and shows
  • Her daughters and grand-daughters are turning heads in the sales and shows
  • Descendant of the popular Cotopierre Lindy Bertha, EX 2E 25*

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Here are Britany’s most popular descendants:

  • Jacobs Sid Beauty, EX-92, named Intermediate Champion at WDE and All-American Junior 3 yr-old in 2015
  • Jacobs Sid Bamba, VG-87, nominated All-Canadian and All-Quebec as a senior heifer in 2013 and performed very well as a milking yearling in 2014
  • Britany’s three daughters sired by McCutchen, Britain, VG-87, Bring VG-87 2 yr-old and Brioche, VG 2 yr old, really stand out in the Jacobs herd.

«Britany’s family has a strong maternal influence when it comes to dairy quality, angularity, excellent mammary system and good feet and legs. With the market integrity, value and international potential, I knew that buying Beauty, at 6 months of age, it would be worth the investment. This happened even before she was shown in the ring and she met all of our expectations. The Jacobs Family has certainly developed a family of cows that we can all trust! » Aaron Eaton, Eaton Holsteins


Jacobs Goldwyn Britany EX-96 2E 6*
Val-Bisson Goldwyn Maya, VG-88 33*
Parile Kite Alicia, EX 2E 16*
Lehoux B Goldwyn Ruby EX-94 2E 17*
Vidia Tampo Outside EX 6E 19*
Flechedor Stormatic Zita EX-97 3E 7*
Stepido Super Mega VG-88 47*
Comestar Igniter Loriana VG-86 17*
Glen Drummond Splendor VG-86 2 ans 39*
Blondin Broker Lasie EX 92 4E 17*