More than 80 Years of History

It was on June 27, 1933 that Quebec’s dairy breeding pioneers officially founded the Holstein Québec Association. The first provincial meeting of the Holstein-Friesian Association of Canada in Quebec, chaired by Mr. W. L. Carr, was held on June 5, 1934, at the Château de Huntingdon. At that time, our Association consisted of a federation of 14 clubs, with a membership of 500. Representatives from each of the clubs formed the board of directors.

By 1997, the Association’s membership had grown to 6134, divided into 28 clubs. For various reasons, including a shortage of labour, lack of succession, and an ageing population, membership decreased gradually thereafter, settling at about 5000 members, in 26 clubs, by the end of 2013. Holstein Quebec members make up about 46 per cent of the membership of Holstein Canada.

Mount Victoria: First Master Breeder Herd in Quebec

It is impossible to talk about the history of the Holstein breed in Quebec without mentioning the contribution of the Mount Victoria Farm and its founder, T. B. Macaulay. Starting in 1924, this breeder applied his knowledge of Holstein genetics to developing a well-conformed, high-producing model cow. Thanks to his herd, one of the most famous in Quebec and renowned throughout the world, the Mount Victoria Farm became, in 1942, the first farm in Quebec to be rewarded with a Master Breeder shield. Today, a large part of the purebred Holstein population can be traced back to the original Montvic herd. 

Serving our Membership

Throughout its history, Holstein Québec has focused on providing services to its members. Find out about our mission and vision to learn more about the association!


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