Show Ethics

Founded by the Conseil québécois des races laitières (CQRL), the Association des expositions agricoles du Québec (AEAQ) and Holstein Québec, the Provincial Rules and Regulations Committee is mandated to ensure compliance with ethical standards at shows.

In addition to ensuring the integrity of shows in Quebec, ethical conduct lends value and credibility to both the shows and the winning animals.

In order to ensure that ethical standards and proper animal welfare practices are maintained at livestock shows, the Committee is responsible for regulating and monitoring show practices in Quebec and imposing penalties on anyone who violates the rules and regulations.

With a view to protecting the industry, all breeders are encouraged to set an example and report anyone who commits an offence.


Chair of the Provincial Rules and Regulations Committee:

Benoît Lafond
Tel.: 819 728-3003


Documents list

All of the documents pertaining to show rules and regulations in Quebec are provided below.

Confirmation of the signature of the standart agreement

(55.29 KB)

Standard agreement between owners and fitters for dairy show

(132.03 KB)

Standard exhibitor's agreement

(183.79 KB)

Infraction report

(52.17 KB)

Monitoring report model

(55.01 KB)

Standard procedures and penalities for enforcing rules and regulations for showing dairy cattle

(160.29 KB)

Rules and regulations for showing dairy cattle

(176.39 KB)

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