Holstein Quebec Embryo Sale 2018

Each year, in January, the Holstein Québec Embryo Sale is the opportunity for buyers to find what they are looking for, regardless of their budget and their interests, whether they are fans of genomics, deep pedigrees, Red & White, polled individuals or show animals.

The approximately 40 lots offered, qualified for export, allows for breeders to bring to the forefront the best individuals in their breeding, and through the marketing of cow families that have proved their worth within the breed, to promote Quebec breeding throughout the world.



Holstein Québec Embryo Sale 2019

Holstein Quebec Embryo Sale v2

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

2017 Holstein Quebec Embryo Sale!

Here are the results from the 2017 Embryo Sale that kicked off the Holstein Quebec Convention at the Château-Vaudreuil.

Au sujet de l'encanteur

édition 2019

Les Encans Boulet inc.

564, chemin de la Rivière-du-Sud
Saint-François-de-Montmagny (Québec)
Tél.: 418 241-6459


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