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Club Holstein Richmond

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Advisor for this Holstein club

Jean-Philippe Proulx
450 778-9636

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President's Message

Dear Richmond Holstein Club members,

Your club’s administration has an objective to increase member participation at the different activities this year as well as to improve our communications and contacts when it comes to cattle sales. For that purpose, we would like that you take time to send us an e-mail to, so we could more quickly and more often communicate with you.

Furthermore, if you have any suggestions or activities you would like our club to offer give us a shout ! Call a director, speak to us at an upcoming activity or be present at our annual meeting. We are there for YOU !

Hoping to see you at one of our many activities.

Yvon Therrien, president

Board of directors

Voici les membres du conseil d'administration du club.


Yvon Therrien (Therryl)
Phone number: 819 845-3313
Fax: 819 845-3313

1st Vice-president

Andrea Hodge (Hodgdale)
Phone number: 819 826-1170
Fax: 819 826-6647

2nd Vice-president

Alan Morin (Pine Legacy)
Phone number: 819 826-1507


Tim Keenan (Pavue)
Phone number: 819 826-1377
Fax: 819 826-5599
Adam Nelson (Nelsondale)
Phone number: 819 342-3155
Phone number: 819 826-5277
Martin Roy (Valdesroy)
Phone number: 819 845-7817


Jeanne Gosselin (Rochelin)
Phone number: 819 845-3609
Fax: 819 845-3609


Francine Béliveau (Nelsondale)
Phone number: 819 826-6100
Fax: 819 826-5349

Sale agent

David Jr. Crack (Crackholm)
Phone number: 819 826-1300
Cell. : 819 352-1670
Fax: 819 826-1331

Technical advisor

Peter Boersen (Glynthstages)
Phone number: 819 826-2240
Fax: 819 826-5675

Person in charge for classification

Alan Morin (Pine Legacy)
Phone number: 819 826-1507