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Ferme Tinber (Tinber)

Club Holstein Shefford-Brome

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Advisor for this Holstein club

Jean-Philippe Proulx
450 778-9636, poste 1-235

President's Message

Hello and welcome to all visitors and Holstein fans.

The Shefford Holstein Club is located on the dividing line between the Montérégie and Eastern Township regions, an area largely focused on dairy production.

The Club has 118 active and very involved members, some of whom take part in numerous local and international shows, with very good results.

We will be most happy to welcome you to our region during your next visit.

The area boasts some outstanding recreational facilities: skiing and water slides in Bromont; the Granby Zoo; Mount Orford and numerous golf courses - all nearby.

Come and take advantage of what our region has to offer. Relax and visit our dynamic and friendly breeders.

We look forward to meeting you.

Pascal Martin, president

Board of directors

Voici les membres du conseil d'administration du club.


Anny Lefebvre (Mojogui)
Phone number: 450 372-0604
Fax: 450 372-2106


François Maheu (Maheufils)
Phone number: 450 372-7970
Fax: 450 372-6308


Benoît Labrecque (Breclene)
Phone number: 450 793-2687
Cell.: 450 513-3710
Sylvain Pion (Sylvio)
Phone number: 450 372-6865
Fax: 450 372-6865
Phone number: 450 263-0503
Jeff Buihler (Petit Suisse)
Phone number: 450 278-2852
Andréanne Viau (Nodia)
Phone number: 450-375-4316
Lee Enright (Eastwest)
Phone number: 450-522-2575
Fax: 450-539-2700
Élie Beauregard (Biregard)
Phone number: 450-770-0391
Fax: 450-539-0716


Phone number: 450 830-4653 (cell.)
Fax: 450 405-4287


François Maheu (Maheufils)
Phone number: 450 372-7970
Fax: 450 372-6308

Sale agent

Jeff Buihler (Petit Suisse)
Phone number: 450 278-2852
Olivier Fleury (LAvenir)
Phone number: 819 394-2147

Person in charge for classification

Dany Beaudry (Monbriant)
Phone number: 450 278-2852
Fax: 450 549-6034