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Club Holstein St-Jean

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Advisor for this Holstein club

Marie-Philip Brisson, agr.
450 778-9636, poste 1-233

President's Message

Hello to all,

We are a dynamic group of producers and our 206 members are spread over a large territory. We have many young breeders who are taking over and throwing their hearts into their work. We would all be delighted if you paid us a visit! Who knows? You might find the perfect addition to your herd.

Thank you!

Simon Grenier, president

Board of directors

Voici les membres du conseil d'administration du club.


Anthony Kessler (Swisskess)
Phone number: 514 730-7655
Phone number: 514 730-7655

1st Vice-president

Terry Kaiser (Anteka)
Phone number: 514 916-3894
Fax: 450 248-3894

2nd Vice-president

Éric Govaerts (Belgica)
Phone number: 450 294-3345
Fax: 450 294-2940


Michel Martin (Amigo)
Phone number: 450 291-5649
Cell.: 450 357-2922
Fax: 450 291-3535
Josée Couture (Canado)
Phone number: 450 246-2104
Fax: 450 246-4567
François Duquette (Macy ridge)
Phone number: 450 296-4595
Timothy Breault (Middleview)
Phone number: 450294-2738
Jean Van Wijk (Wijk)
Phone number: 450 291-5851
Fax: 450 291-5851


Phone number: 514 707-3061


Phone number: 514 707-3061

Technical Avisor

Phone number: 438-883-1013