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Club Holstein St-Jean

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Advisor for this Holstein club

Marie-Philip Brisson, agr.
450 778-9636, poste 1-233

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President's Message

Hello to all,

We are a dynamic group of producers and our 206 members are spread over a large territory. We have many young breeders who are taking over and throwing their hearts into their work. We would all be delighted if you paid us a visit! Who knows? You might find the perfect addition to your herd.

Thank you!

Simon Grenier, president

Board of directors

Voici les membres du conseil d'administration du club.


Phone number: 514 730-7655

1st Vice-president

Anthony Kessler (Swisskess)
Phone number: 514 730-7655
Terry Kaiser (Anteka)
Phone number: 514 916-3894
Fax: 450 248-3894

2nd Vice-president

Éric Govaerts (Belgica)
Phone number: 450 294-3345
Fax: 450 294-2940


Josée Couture (Canado)
Phone number: 450 246-2104
Fax: 450 246-4567
Michel Martin (Amigo)
Phone number: 450 291-5649
Cell.: 450 357-2922
Fax: 450 291-3535
François Duquette (Macy ridge)
Phone number: 450 296-4595
Timothy Breault (Middleview)
Phone number: 450294-2738
Jean Van Wijk (Wijk)
Phone number: 450 291-5851
Fax: 450 291-5851


Phone number: 514 707-3061


Phone number: 514 707-3061

Technical Avisor

Phone number: 438-883-1013