Quebec Spring Show youth activity



At the next Spring Show, 3 activities are offered to the youth.

Workshop on sales

Come experience the atmosphere of an auction! Learn how a sale works and accurately evaluate the price of animals.

  • Wednesday during the Holstein Québec National Sale or the Ayrhsire Elite Sale
  • Workshop lasting about 90 minutes
  • Open to all groupe of students
  • Registration requested before… –Form

Form more information, communicate with Mylène Fournier: 450 778-9636, ext. 234

Presentation contest

Three presentation classes will be formed according to the age of the participants.

For more information, contact Angèle Hébert : 450 778-9636, poste 224

Formation workshop on judging technics

Led by an aspiring or official judge, this workshop will take place during an Holstein judgment class. This hands-on training will allow you to learn more about the techniques used by judges to seperate dairy cattles into the judging arena.

  • Thursday around 2pm
  • Workshop lasting about 45 minutes
  • Open to all groupes of students
  • Registrations required before… :form

For more information, communicate with Mylène Fournier: 450 778-9636, poste 234