Favorite Cow

The Favourite Cow contest is presented by

The Favourite Cow contest aims to showcase exceptional cows owned by Quebec breeders.

Among the submissions presented by the Holstein Clubs, the selection of the finalists is based on the animal’s genealogy and life experience (30%), its progeny (40%) as well as its charm factor (30%). The selection committee for the six finalists comprises 2 Master Breeders, 2 administrators from Holstein Québec, and a representative from last year’s winner.

The breeders’ votes complete the selection of the winner, which is revealed during the Holstein Quebec Convention.

Vote for your first and second choice for the ”Vache Coup de coeur” title and get a chance to win an embryo from the winner’s family, courtesy of

Register on the French version of this page or through advisors who will seek your votes throughout the fall with paper forms.

Only one vote per prefix will be accepted. The vote is actually closed.

See the 2023 winner video, Comestar Lamadona Doorman.

Has your Club already selected its Favorite cow for 2024? Download the registration form HERE.


Winner of the Favorite Cow contest

Winner’s name Owner’s name Year
Comestar Lamadona Doorman EX-94 2E 25* Comestar Holstein 2023
Loyalyn Goldwyn June EX-97 6E 5* Pierre Boulet 2022
Paquet Kolya Goldwyn EX-92 4E 24* Ferme Pâquet et frères 2021
Idee Windbrook Lynzi EX-95 2E JM Valley Holstein, Stéphane Gendreau, Frank A. et Diane Borba, Richard W. et Shannon Allyn 2020
Duhibou Samuelo Portefolio EX-95 4E 13* Ferme Duhibou Inc. 2019
Holdream Shottle Rida EX-91 4E 4*
Guillaume et Étienne Lessard 2018
Boulet Goldwyn Chalou EX-96 2E 12* Ferme Boulet Inc. et Ferme Vilmer Inc. 2017
Jacobs Goldwyn Britany EX-96 2E 6* Ferme Jacobs Inc. 2016
Val-Bisson Goldwyn Maya TB-88 33* Ferme Val-Bisson Inc. 2015
Parile Kite Alicia EX 2E 16* Deslacs Holstein 2014
Lehoux B Goldwyn Ruby EX-94 2E 17* B. Lehoux et Fils Inc. 2013
Vidia Tampo Outside EX 6E 19* Rodveil Holstein 2012
Flechedor Stormatic Zita EX-97 3E 7* Annie Lecours et Luc Boisvert 2011
Stepido Super Mega TB-88 47* Ferme Stepido 2010
Comestar Igniter Loriana TB-86 17* J.M.S. Amitiés 2009
Glen Drummond Splendor TB-86 2 ans 25* Syndicat Gen-I-Beq  2008
Blondin Brocker Lasie EX-92 4E 11* Ferme Blondin et Ferme Auger inc. 2007
Loasis D Astre Ella EX-93 4E 1* Ferme Loasis 2006
La Présentation Daurel EX 20* Ferme Richard Blanchette et fils inc.  2005
Jacobs Tab Emma EX 4E 13* Ferme Jacobs Inc. 2004