Favorite Cow

The Favourite Cow contest aims to showcase exceptional cows owned by Quebec breeders.

Among the candidates nominated by the Holstein clubs, the selection of the finalists is based on the animal’s pedigree, its production along with its progeny. The breeders’ choice completes the selection of the winner whose name is unveiled at the Master Breeder Banquet as part of the Holstein Québec Convention.

Each of the 26 Holstein clubs in Quebec is invited to submit a nomination to the Favourite Cow title until April 1st of the current year.

Favorite Cow application form
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Favorite cow winners
Winners name Years
Boulet Goldwyn Chalou EX 96 2E 12* 2018
Jacobs Goldwyn Britany EX 96 2E 6* 2017
Val-Bisson Goldwyn Maya TB-88 33* 2016
Parile Kite Alicia EX 2E 16* 2015
Lehoux B Goldwyn Ruby EX-94 2E 17* 2014
Vidia Tampo Outside EX 6E 19* 2013
Flechedor Stormatic Zita EX-97 3E 7* 2012
Stepido Super Mega TB-88 47* 2011
Comestar Igniter Loriana TB-86 17* 2010