Biosecurity Toolkit

Quebec’s dairy herds are consisted of great genetic potential animals, some of which have a high monetary value. Holstein clubs, through their activities on farms, promote the value and high potential of their animals. These activities bring together in one place, animals of different origins and sanitary status. This situation represents a risk of spreading deseases in the Quebec’s herds and in some cases, humain contamination as well. The implementation of voluntary actions plan requires an investment but especially someone who plays the role of leader by showing the example on biosecurity measures to take.  As a breed association that organizes activities that are at risk of spreading diseases, Holstein Quebec wants to position itself as a leader.

The main obective is to facilitate access to biosecurity measures and adapt the implementation of biosecurity procedures during club activities and animal transaction, by providing various tools (posters, pamphlets, demonstration kit) and by popularizing the reasons and motivations.

Trough these action, we want the dairy breeders, that will use the biosecurity, to show the right example through the club activities and that by a ripple affect, will encourage other breeders to do the same.

Holstein Quebec, through the programm Cultivons l’avenir 2, provides you with biosecurity material (free):

  • 4 posters 2’x3’ on biosecurity (french only)
  • Biosecurity pamphlets (french only)
  • Parking posters (french only)
  • 1 visitors register (french only)
  • Different posters for hand washing and boots station, contact with animals allowed or not, forbiden access, etc. (french only)
  • Disinfectant sachets (Virkon)

In order to have access to everything needed in one place, Holstein Quebec can also provide with the kit (at your expenses):

  • Carpet (used with Virkon)
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Bucket
  • Long handled brush
  • Plastic boots
  • Garbage bags
  • Ribbon or rope

Available for all agricultural organizations! Get in touch with Cathy Duquet at 450 778-9636 or by e-mail at

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Visualize our different pamplets! (french only)

Pamplet – Buy new subjects

Pamplet – Biosecurity and farm visit

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