Costum training based on your needs

You wish to continue perfecting your  knowledge of Holstein breeding? The team of advisors at Holstein Québec offers a number of different seminars and practical workshops. Both 3- and 5-hour sessions can be provided for individuals as well as for clubs or groups of breeders or students. Contact Holstein Québec or your advisor to organize a training session designed to meet your needs.

1. Genetic Improvement – How to Make it Happen

This training session covers the importance of breeding goals, cow and cow family selection, sire selection, and genomics.

2. Dairy Shows – How to Get Ready

This session provides practical training relating to dairy shows: feeding, washing, clipping, showmanship, putting together an exhibit, show routines, and on-farm preparation.

3. Breeding Workshops

Academic and practical workshops on genealogy, sire selection, milk recording, classification, embryo transfers, etc.

  • Influential cow families and bulls
  • Understanding a pedigree
  • Update on embryo transfers
  • Tools to increase your profitability
  • Polled gene: a trend, a tool, a market

4. How to Succeed in Marketing

This training session covers a range of topics: selection, buying and selling animals, selling embryos, advertising and marketing, American markets, etc.

  • Distinguishing oneself from the competition
  • Genomics: an additional tool within our reach
  • Marketing our genetics
  • Looking for something? You’ll find it on the Internet!
  • Demystifying American proofs

5. Earning Awards

This course provides an explanation of the criteria for awards such as Master Breeder shields, Star Brood and Superior Production certificates as well as Super 3, Longtime, and Canadian Champions awards.

6. Genetic Selection in Open Housing

This training session presents a survey of the tools you need to improve production in your herd as well as the best genetic options for free-stall operations.



CIAQ Training Courses

  1. Heatime, 25 slides max. (20 minutes)
  2. Immunity+, 20 slides (15-20 minutes)
  3. Genomics: Impact and Evolution since 2009, 25 slides(30 minutes)
  4. Health and Genetics Selection, 30 slides (35-40 minutes)
  5. Semen Fertility, 10-12 slides (10 minutes)



Vétoquinol Training Courses

45-minute sessions

  1. On-Farm Washing and Disinfection
  2. Fly Control
  3. Rodent Control
  4. ABCs of Bovine Reproduction
  5. Calf Rehydration


Holstein Canada Training Sessions

Holstein Canada offers you training tailored to your needs and your goals. Whether you want to learn more about classification and its profitability, genomics and how to use it or any other services offered by the Association, whether you are a producer, teacher or leader of a 4-H club, do not hesitate do not write at  to schedule a training or meeting that suits what you are looking for!

Example of topics available:

1- The value of classification
– Economic aspect and profitability of the farm
– Description of the classification program
– Functional conformation: Profitability and longevity in statistics
– Optimizing breeding choices

2- Genetics and genomics 101
– Explanation of Canadian index and genetic terminology
– How and why to use genomics
– Daily use and interpretation of genomics
– What is a haplotype

3- Youth development
– Junior Member Program
-Young Leaders Program
– Understand a pedigree

Many possibilities adaptable to your needs!