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Founded in 1957, the Bas-St-Laurent Holstein Club, located east of Quebec City, covers a large territory of over 400 km. In our beautiful region, Holstein breeding, bordered by mountains and tides, is in great evolution. Whether it is for conformation, production or genomic breeding, you will find, in Bas-Saint-Laurent, passionate and courteous breeders working all these types of breeding and more.

The activities offered to our approximately 340 members mainly take place in Rimouski, the center of our club:

  • A specialised day in March treating topical subjects.
  • Two club auctions, one in April « Atout Printemps » and the other one in August.
  • Two local exhibitions: Vallée de la Matapédia and Témiscouata, in June.
  • The regional exhibition of Rimouski in August.
  • Our traditional social evening in May, which recognizes outstanding performances during the year, such as production, classification, GLPI, heifer, star brood, Favorite Cow and Holstein recognitions.
  • In December, an open barn afternoon at one of our member’s establishment. This is a moment breeders appreciate very much to close up the year. The purpose of this activity is socialization, and discussion on Holstein breeding and exhibitions.
  • Every two years, we organise a trip to visit farms from other clubs of the province.

The Bas-St-Laurent Holstein Club consist of a young and dynamic Board of Directors, working with enthusiasm and pleasure to organize activities that meet the needs of its members, despite the great distance between them.

The Bas-St-Laurent Holstein Club is in the eastern territory and includes the counties of Bonaventure, Gaspé, Matane, Matapédia, Rimouski, Rivière-du-Loup and Témiscouata.

We welcome you in our region!


Board of directors


Simon Proulx (JACSARD)
Tel.: 418 731-2454
Fax: 418 724-7981



Kevin Moffet (KMC)
Tel.: 418 882-8265


2nd Vice-president

Myriam Côté (JENDRO)
Tel.: 418 576-7598



Angélie Ouellet (DELAPLAINE)
Tél. : 418 714-7963

Rosalie Smith (PATRI)
Tel.: 418 509-2256

Jessy Charron (LADEERE)
Tel.: 418 714-6270

Denis Hallée (SAYBECOISE)
Tél. : 450 629-0449

Maxime Larouche (MALCALI)
Tél. : 418 516-9178

Joanie Lavoie (OLIVAL)
Tél. : 418 713-9436


Étienne D’Astous (ALDONIE)
Tel.: 418-732-9098



Emy Lampron (COTOPIERRE)
819 314-5497



Julie Gagnon (CIBOULETTE)
Tel.: 418 497-2148
Fax: 418 497-3704