Huntingdon – Ormstown – Beauharnois

Huntingdon – Ormstown – Beauharnois Holstein club

153 members

Holstein Québec advisor
Ketsia Croteau
450 778-9636 ext. 233


Founded in 1919, our Club is the oldest Holstein Club in Quebec. Our history is filled with achievements that we owe to the sheer force of our membership. The perseverance, courage and determination of our predecessors have left us an inestimable legacy and a well-established reputation. We now turn our attention to the future, as we prepare for our 100th anniversary.

As members of the Huntingdon-Ormstown-Beauharnois Holstein Club, we follow the path mapped by our forerunners, pursuing the promotion of both the Holstein breed and Holstein breeding.

Our objectives are:

  • To improve the Holstein breed in Quebec through the organization of about four different activities in which our members are invited to take part each year ;
  • To establish ties between breeders to foster a spirit of cooperation and solidarity among members, while developing a sense of community within the Club.

In our view, an active club with an interesting program attracts breeders of all ages, heightening their interest and enthusiasm, which can only lead to better Holstein breeding.

The Huntingdon-Ormstown-Beauharnois Holstein Club is located in the western territory and includes the counties of Beauharnois, Chateauguay, Huntingdon and Laprairie. Some of our members also reside in the county of Napierville.

Welcome to our club!


Board of directors


Ghislain Leduc (LAUDUC)
Tel.: 450 225-3696




Sébastien Laniel (CARGILL)
Tel.: 450 374-2543



Bobby Tolhurst (TOLHURST)
Tel.: 438 862-9119

Benjamin Nieuwenhof (LARELEVE)
Tel.: 450 544-5902

Emmanuel Brisson (BRIMER)
Tel.: 450 373-7378

Dominic Parent (FRANNOU)
Tel.: 514 805-4903

Brandon Maither (ROCKLAND)
Tél. : 450 370-6192

Sara Bohemen (BERNALEA)
Tél. : 450 829-2538

Executive members

Jean-François Bazinet (BAYEL)
Tel.: 450 454-7220



Marie-Philip Brisson (BRIMER)
Tel.: 514-206-4330


Treasurer & Publicist

Julie Dubuc
Tel.: 450 692-1188
Fax: 450 692-9206