Richmond Holstein club

77 members

Holstein Québec advisor
Valérie Giard
450 778-9636 ext. 235


Founded in 1965, at the Richmond Holstein Club, our raison d’être is to promote the Holstein breed and Holstein breeding.

Our objectives are:

  • To improve the Holstein breed in Quebec through the organization of about five different activities in which our members are invited to take part each year ;
  • To establish ties between breeders to foster a spirit of cooperation and solidarity among members, while developing a sense of community within the Club.

In our view, an active club with an interesting program attracts breeders of all ages, heightening their interest and enthusiasm, which can only lead to better Holstein breeding.

The Richmond Holstein Club is located in the southern territory and includes the county of Richmond.

It will be a pleasure to welcome you for a visit in our club!


Board of directors


Tim Keenan (PAVUE)
Tel.: 819 826-1377
Fax: 819 826-5599



Maxime Richer (CYRMAX)
Tél. : 819 571-9424



Laurie Maurice (MICHEL)
Tel.: 819-560-2097

Audrey Morneau (PREMIUM)
Tel.: 819 437-0091
Fax.: 819 826-5480

Alan Morin (PINE LEGACY)
Tel.: 819 826-1507
Fax: 819 848-2335

Martin Roy (VALDESROY)
Tel.: 819 845-7817

Adam Nelson (NELSONDALE)
Tél. : 819 342-3155



Maria Enright (PAVUE)
Tel.: 819 826-1377
Fax: 819-826-5599


Secretary & Treasurer

Samantha Brazel (GOSHENDALE)
Tél. : 819 238-8655