St-Hyacinthe Holstein club

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Holstein Québec advisor
Mylène Fournier
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Founded in 1933, our club is located in the heart of the Montérégie region, where we proudly maintain a programme of activities that focus on a common goal, specifically, to improve and promote the Holstein breed and Holstein breeding.

The Quebec International Holstein Show, held every fall for the past 20 years, is a tangible example of our dedication. The torch was handed on to the Supreme Dairy Show in 2014, an event that promises to stand out in creating connections and business opportunities for all of the stakeholders in the dairy sector.

With a view to bringing our members together, the board of directors organizes many club activities that take place year after year, such as the annual general meeting in the fall, a social gala and a barn day during the winter months, a study tour in the spring, and a golf tournament in the summer. The Club takes an active part in other events as well, such as the agricultural shows in Sorel and in Saint-Hyacinthe. The Club also puts together a yearly directory of breeders and supporting partners, a copy of which is available upon request from our publicist or our secretary-treasurer.

Our club’s sales agent is at your disposal should you require information regarding marketing development.

The dynamic breeders of the greater Saint-Hyacinthe region are proud to welcome you to the area. You are cordially invited to get in touch with us or pay us a visit.

The St-Hyacinthe Holstein Club is located in the southern territory and includes the counties of Bagot, Chambly, Richelieu, Saint-Hyacinthe and Verchères.

Welcome to our region!


Board of directors


Jean-Sébastien Savaria (PALAGAJIS)
Tel.: 450-779-3274



Yannick Lapointe (ANTIA)
Tel.: 450 549-4164
Fax: 450 549-4169


2nd Vice-president

Olivier Roy-Tanguay (LOTAN)
Tel.: 450 513-2497



Daniel Cardin (LOUJADA)
Tel.: 450 794-2205
Fax: 450 794-5151

Martin Cartier (CERPOLAIT)
Tel.: 450 788-2836
Fax: 450 788-3347

Élodie Mac Duff (CROTEAU)
Tel.: 450 502-7182

Raphaël Guentert (FANTOM)
Tel.: 450 209-2763

Pierre-Olivier Tétreault (ROCLAIRSON)
Tel.: 450 518-0828

Stéphane Lavallée (VALRICK)
Tel.: 450 788-2319



Brigitte Dubé
Tel.: 438-492-0538



Guy Bernard
Tel.: 450 501-7047