St-Jean Holstein club

187 members

Holstein Québec advisor


Founded in 1933, at the St-Jean Holstein Club, our raison d’être is to promote the Holstein breed and Holstein breeding.

Our objectives are:

  • To improve the Holstein breed in Quebec through the organization of about six different activities in which our members are invited to take part each year ;
  • To establish ties between breeders to foster a spirit of cooperation and solidarity among members, while developing a sense of community within the Club.

In our view, an active club with an interesting program attracts breeders of all ages, heightening their interest and enthusiasm, which can only lead to better Holstein breeding.

The St-Jean Holstein Club is located in the southern territory and includes the counties of d’Iberville, Missisquoi, Napierville and Saint-Jean. Some of our members also reside in the counties of Brome and Laprairie.

Welcome to our club!


Board of directors


Terry Kaiser (ANTEKA / HEPATICA)
Tel.: 450 248-4738/514 916-3894 f(cell)
Fax: 450 248-3894



Benoit Gherardi
Tel.: 450-296-4096


2nd Vice-presiden

Édith Gazaille
Tel.: 514-817-8578



Maxim Dumouchel (CARMEL)
Tel.: 450-542-3434

Marie-Ève Michaud (HELERENT)
Tel.: 514 346-4948

Gabriel Surprenant (ROJO)
Tel.: 514-601-2992

Jean Van Wijk (ARWIJK)
Tel.: 450 291-5851/450 542-2196 (cell.)
Fax: 450 291-5851

Michael Breault (MIDDLEVIEW)
Tel.: 514 709-3081

Anthony Kessler (SWISSKESS)
Tel.: 514 730-7655

Tel.: 450 524-3438



Karolane Hélie
Tel.: 438-828-1433



Kathy Kessler (SWISSKESS)
Tel.: 450-294-2703



Karolane Hélie
Tel.: 438-828-1433