Dorchester Holstein club

143 members

Holstein Québec advisor:
Alycia Chabot
Tél. : 450 778-9636 ext. 239

Founded in 1978, our club is located south of Quebec city between Beauce and Bellechasse, and is one of the youngest of the Association. Our members are recognized for their drive and determination to succeed in Holstein breeding. The large participation in various activities such as social evening, open doors, the annual club’s trip, golf tournament, etc. demonstrates the positive atmosphere among us. The increasing desire for improvement places a number of our members among the Canadian elite in LPI, conformation, production or family breeding. In one word, it is our way of promoting the breed and the Holstein breeding.

In our view, an active club with an interesting program attracts breeders of all ages, heightening their interest and enthusiasm, which can only lead to better Holstein breeding.

The Dorchester Holstein Club is located in the eastern region of Quebec and includes the counties of Beauce and Dorchester. Some of our members also reside in the counties of Bellechasse and Lotbinière.

It will be a great pleasure to welcome you to our region!


Board of directors


Régis Boulet (LEOCEL)
Tel.: 418 209-9969



Vincent Roy (QUECY)
Tel.: 418 309-4669



Pierre Goulet (MARLAIT)
Tel.: 418 209-7858

Sylvie Lebond (BLONGUET)
Tel.: 418 558-5162

Pierre-Luc Tardif (VACHARD)
Tel.: 418 389-9515

Anthony Breton-Robert (KAROBERT)
Tel.: 418 307-7922

Nicolas Rodier (GARONNE)
Tel.: 418 222-9558





Lina Beaudoin
Tel.: 418-209-9513


Secretary & treasurer

Dominique Genois
Tel.: 418 389-9844


Classification manager

Conrad Fauchon
Tel.: 418 883-2868